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Regulations of Paste Up Warsaw Festival - Independent Poster Festival


1. The organizer and purpose of the festival


1.1. Paste Up Warsaw Festival - The independent poster festival is organized by the External Art Foundation based in Warsaw.

1.2. The aim of the festival is to popularize the poster medium as a form of independent authorial expression.


2. Rules for submitting works


2.1. Works may be submitted by adults. Minors must have the consent of one of their parents or legal guardians.


2.2. The theme of the works submitted to the festival is free.


2.3. Posters approved for participation in the festival will be selected by the Festival Committee, consisting of outstanding design artists and theoreticians



2.4. Posters approved by the Festival Committee will be presented at the exhibition on the Vistula Boulevard, starting from July 28, 2023.


2.5. The Participant of the Festival accepts these Regulations.


3. Participation requirements


3.1. Only original posters can be submitted to the Festival.


3.2. The author may submit up to three posters for evaluation at the Festival.

3.3. Posters submitted to the Festival must meet the following formal and technical requirements:


  • The poster must be composed vertically on paper measuring 50 cm by 70 cm with the smallest grammage.

  • The poster cannot be printed with an inkjet printer.


3.4. The author submitting the poster declares that he has read and accepts the Regulations of the Festival, and that he personally created the poster.


4. Rules for submitting posters


4.1. Each poster submitted to the Festival must be accompanied by the following information:

  • first name,

  • last name,

  • nickname (optional),

  • date of birth,

  • job title,

  • job creation date,

  • Phone number,

  • e-mail adress,

  • address for correspondence

  • optional: short description of the poster idea (up to 500 characters).


4.2. If the author wants to reserve the name and surname for the information of the organizer and use only a pseudonym, he must also inform about it in the attached information

4.3. Posters must be sent to the Foundation's address by registered mail by July 16, 2023 (the date of the postmark is decisive) to register for the Festival


Foundation address:


00-024 Warsaw.

st. Bracka 25, Mir 3rd floor,

with a note: Paste Up Warsaw Festival


4.4. Submitted posters must be folded to A3 size and sent in an envelope, or rolled in tube.


4.5. The organizer is not responsible for any damage that may occur during the transport of parcels containing submitted works.


4.6. The shipping costs are fully covered by the person who submits the posters for the Festival.


4.7. The organizer does not return sent posters.


5. Obligations and rights of the Organizer


5.1. The Festival Organizer reserves the right to reject a poster submission if it contains content that violates the reputation of the Festival Organizer and/or third parties or is illegal.


5.2. The External Art Foundation is the administrator of personal data. The processing of personal data is necessary to participate in the Paste Up Warsaw Festival - Independent Poster Festival.


6. Use of submitted materials


6.1. The person submitting the poster declares that he/she created the submitted posters, hereinafter referred to as the Work/Works.


6.2. The submitting person declares that his/her copyrights to the Work/Works are not limited or encumbered by the rights of third parties and that the Work does not infringe the rights of third parties.


6.3. By submitting posters to the festival, the author agrees to their free publication on the website, in social media, in the catalog (print and electronic version), promotional materials, exhibition materials, with the author's name and surname and a short description of the Work(s). .


6.4. The Organizer has the right to sublicense the use of the Work (sent posters and their digital documentation) in the above-mentioned areas.


7. Protection of personal data


7.1. The External Art Foundation is the administrator of the personal data provided in the application.


7.2. Personal data will be used to organize the Paste Up Warsaw Festival - the Warsaw Independent Poster Festival.


7.3. All data collected in the application (contact details, such as telephone number and postal address) will not be made publicly available and transferred to third parties. They will be used to carry out and organize the Paste Up Warsaw Festival - Independent Poster Festival in Warsaw.


7.4. The organizer of the festival makes public the name, surname and pseudonym (if any) of the authors of the posters qualified for the festival. If the author of the poster wants to reserve his name and surname only for the information of the festival organizer (use only a pseudonym in communication), he must reserve this in the information sent with the poster.


8. Other Rules


8.1. The poster must include the name of the author or a pseudonym.


8.2. In the event of any legal problems arising from the submitted posters, the author will be fully responsible



8.3. Minors wishing to participate in the festival must have the signature of a parent or legal guardian on the application and accept responsibility for the application.


8.4. By participating in the festival, the author agrees to comply with the above rules and regulations. Any violation of these rules may result in the disqualification of the author and his poster(s) from the festival.


9. Committee decision


9.1. The final decision on the selection of posters for the festival will be made by a designated committee. The committee's decision will be final and binding.


9.2 The decision of the committee is not subject to appeal.


10. Contact

If you need further clarification or additional questions regarding the festival, please contact us at:

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